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Frequently Asked Questions about General Plumbing

C. R. Strohmeyer Plumbing is a trusted and experienced plumbing service provider based in Lancaster, OH. Here are some frequently asked questions about plumbing issues that our team of experts can help with:


My toilet is leaking, should I repair or replace it?

If your toilet is 20 years old or more, it is a good option to replace it with an ADA-height elongated bowl toilet. This is going to work much better and be guaranteed to stand the test of time in trouble-free manner. 


I have water around my hot water heater, whats wrong?

You always want to check the temperature pressure release valve first, this is the pipe that runs down the outside of the water heater to the floor. If it is not leaking through this pipe than most of the time the heater will need replaced.


I am looking for a water softener service, what should I get?

Generally if you are on city water, all you need is a water softener because you do not have any iron, sulfur, or trace metals in your water. Hard water is very easy to correct. If you are not on city water chances are you will need an iron filter / aerator to remove oders and contaminants before they enter the water softener. 

We offer CSI branded water treatment systems which are made in Ohio and are top of the line grade ECTUs for much less of a cost than competitor units.


Sump Pump and Well Pumps

When replacing a sump pump or a submersible well pump you do not want to go cheap and just pick up anything from the store. A good quality pump usually doesn't cost any more than an inferior quality pump at the retail store. However, if you want to keep your basement from flooding and ruining your flooring and walls or want to wake up in the morning and have water coming out of your shower faucet, you will want to put one of our quality pumps in.


The water pressure in kitchen faucet is low.

This is usually a sediment blockage in the faucet itself. It could be as simple as the aerator screen or internal blockage of the diverter assembly.


My tub shower faucet is leaking, can it be repaired?

There are many factors involved in a tub shower faucet. Most newer faucets can be repaired however it is important to use original manufacturer equipment. Trying to cut corners on only replacing a rubber seal usually doesn't work. Replacing the entire cartridge results in a long lasting fix.


I am looking at faucets, why should I buy from you?

Every faucet manufacturer makes two different lines of faucet. The big box store faucet is mostly plastic and made in China but the Moen faucets in my catalog or online at are totally different from the ones at the store. You will not find a single faucet from my catalog on the shelf at Lowes, Home Depot, or Menards. Vice versus, none of their faucets are in my catalog, they are a totally separate line. The difference in quality is substantial.

Have a plumbing question left unanswered? Give C. R. Strohmeyer Plumbing a call, at (740) 653-3333 today! 
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